The ECDC HIV Estimates Accuracy Tool is an application that uses advanced statistical methods to correct for missing values in key HIV surveillance variables as well as for reporting delay, as defined by the time from case diagnosis to notification at the national level.

The tool accepts case based HIV surveillance data prepared in a specific format.

The outputs include results from pre-defined analyses in the form of a report containing tables and graphs, and datasets, in which the adjustments have been incorporated and which may be exported for further analysis.

Input data

Maximum file size: 70MB
Supported files types: rds, txt, csv, xls, xlsx (uncompressed and zip archives)


Attributes mapping

Please, provide mapping between attributes used internally by the tool (column "Attribute") and the input data dimensions (column "Input data column").
If "Input data column" is not specifid, then value in column "Default value" is used.

Migrant variable regrouping

Distribution of region of origin:
All regions in dataset in descending frequency

Input data summary


Run adjustments

1. Multiple Imputations adjustment
2. Reporting Delays adjustment

Create report


Application state data downloads

This file contains the full state of the application. Loading it later will restore the application to the current state.